Adding Products to touch directory

Adding Products to touch directory

Log into your account and select "Products" from the left menu.
  1. Click "Add New Product" 

      3. Start adding the Product Title in the appropriate field. 
      4. Add a subtitle if it's relevant to the product.

      5. Select the Project it belongs to. This is mandatory. You can select all the projects the project belongs to. 
      6. If you select the wrong project or want to change the project of a product, you can delete it by hovering over it and clicking the "-" on the right-hand side. as marked on the picture below. 

  7. Add the attributes of the product in the following selection.
  1. Select the category it belongs to in the first field. 
  2. Add the Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Square Footage. 
  3. You can leave the fields empty if there's no information available or it's not relevant to the project. 

8. You can add the images of your product in the following fields:
  1. Main Gallery These images will be visible on your product detail page and you can add all the pictures there. 
  2. Thumbnail Gallery Here is where you set the thumbnail image showing in your product card plus the images to be shown on the image "Gallery" on the product page.
    1. IMPORTANT: The first image on the left on this section will be shown as the Product Card thumbnail image. You can organize the images by dragging and dropping them in this field.

9. Click "Publish" to save the product and done. 

Video Tutorial

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