Installing Teamviewer on windows

Installing Teamviewer on windows

Below are the steps to install TeamViewer on your device to allow SignCast access remotely.

Step 1

Go to this is automatically start downloading our teamviewer client; if it doesn't please click the "Try Again" link.

Step 2

Open the downloaded file or accept the download.

Step 3

Accept the UAC prompt if your on Windows 10

Step 4

Once the installation starts click next to begin.

Step 5

When it asks what you are using this please select "Both of the above" and than press next to accept the license terms.

Step 6

Setting up unattended access; click next.

Step 7

Please choose a descriptive name (short) and default access password for remote access.

Step 8

Finally accept our access terms so that we will have your computer automatically added to our list.

Step 9

Please provide us with your teamviewer ID / password (either this random password or the one you chose; as the random password changes every time the computer restarts)

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